“For me, it was all about the science behind the results,” said Dean M, a StrengthTime client. “In the past, strength training evolved on hypothetical viewpoints, not adjusting each workout according to the person’s size, ability or lifestyle. There was no science behind it, and it was very haphazard. StrengthTime provided me a science-based, logical plan that had a professional and systematic approach. The plan was time efficient and focused on me.”


Scott Zimay has been a personal strength trainer for us for over 10 years. He loves his job because of his clients. They’re his number one priority. But Scott wasn’t always a trainer. He started as a trainee. And he was hooked. So, he changed his career path so that he could change the lives as others like his trainer did for him. “Ten years later, I still have the same passion and excitement that I pass on to each of my clients. My job is to keep my clients focused and motivated, even though it can be painful at times. My clients keep coming back because they know that I’m as dedicated to their success as much as they are to me.”


Joanna Hyams is also a StrengthTime trainer who has benefited from her clients. The power to change people’s lives through strength training has changed her life as well. “When I first became a strength trainer 12 years ago, it was really because of my passion and dedication to high intensity strength training. Since then, I’ve learned that it’s not just the workout, but the common goal we all have to be healthier, stronger, better physical beings we can to allow us the freedom to do anything we want. It’s so rewarding to talk with a client about their goals and then be able to transfer that to the gym and see results. Most physical strength gains made in the gym almost always transfer to emotional strength, and the transformation is what keeps me coming back for more.”

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