Our Approach

If you’re looking to produce impressive results with a proven, safe and time-efficient program, then look no further than StrengthTime’s slow movement training.

Because here, our approach is simple: provide the finest instructors, the most state-of-the-art equipment and the best methodology to deliver the most effective one-on-one personal training, full body workout possible.

Our strength training workout routine utilizes high intensity, slow movement exercise that results in a greater increase in strength versus traditional strength training. Slow controlled smooth movements are essential for maximum safety and efficiency.

A certified, professional instructor will customize a unique strength-training program just for you, then supervise and guide you through each of your one-on-one sessions. Detailed records are kept and closely monitored to ensure your progress.

Also, we take a different approach when it comes to workouts. Here, you won’t find any contracts, memberships, or long-term commitments. That means no membership dues, no signing your life away, nothing. Just our commitment to you. And you can pay as you go.


At StrengthTime, you’ll discover that our slow motion strength training instructors are the finest in the industry. Each one has completed extensive training and testing in their certification program. After certification, they continue to participate in many continuing education events.

But probably more importantly, each trainer is dedicated to your success. They teach, motivate and challenge you to do the best you can. And they take a real interest in your life and your progress. 


StrengthTime uses only the finest exercise equipment available in the industry, and ensures it’s always maintained and continually upgraded.

While there are various designs of equipment on the market, most leave much to be desired. Most pieces don’t match up biomechanically with the human body, provide a physiologically sound workout, or accommodate unique individual needs and dimensions.

That’s why, at StrengthTime, we’ve taken great measures to ensure you have the most state-of-the-art equipment to use. This helps enable the most effective and time efficient workout possible.


At StrengthTme, every component of your personal workout session is completely tailored to your unique body size and physical requirements. It provides you with a life-changing program—the best strength workouts—that’s focused on your goals with a safe, effective and efficient workout. Your instructor will work one on one with you in a professional manor in a distraction-free environment.


StrengthTime caters to all walks of life. That means you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from our workout. Women, men, teens and the aging all come to us to improve their wellbeing. Clients range from 13 to 90+ years of age. So, whether you’re new to strength training or are a lifelong gym rat, you’ll get the best workout of your life.

Busy moms and time-crunched businesspeople both come to StrengthTime to get a quick workout in just twice a week that delivers phenomenal results. Lives are changed here, as clients work out in a stress-free environment, fighting the joys of aging, keeping their body strong.

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