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Goal For It at Every Age!

Posted on Mar. 28th 2017 - No Comments »

This incredible picture is of Stephanie. She is a 66 year-young StrengthTime client and boy - can she water ski! Stephanie credits her workouts at StrengthTime with her ability to continue her love of skiing. She proudly explains...

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Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Trainer at StrengthTime

Posted on Mar. 12th 2017 - No Comments »

              A Few Reasons Why I Love This Powerful Program The Workout Of course I love this workout!  I can't imagine life without it!  It's fast and straightforward with no lollygagging...

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Karen’s Motivating Message

Posted on Feb. 21st 2017 - No Comments »

          Hi, I'm Karen, Owner/Trainer at StrengthTime. I've written my story about what I do so many times over the last 30 years, and each time I recognize how it further validates what I do and what we do...

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Personal Trainer Time

Posted on Feb. 7th 2017 - No Comments »

            I love hearing the proof of strength from my clients all of the time. Whether it's going uninjured training for a marathon, hiking further than past experiences, or impressing the doctor...

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StrengthTime Shares: By Fabrice

Posted on Jan. 25th 2017 - No Comments »

        I research my nutrition and exercise choices extremely thoroughly.  When a friend suggested that I meet Karen Heffernan and try StrengthTime, I read up on the science behind the approach and agreed to try it...

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StrengthTime’s Paleo Ron Loves Bread

Posted on Jan. 11th 2017 - No Comments »

                  January 11, 2017 StrengthTime's Paleo Ron Loves Bread If you could eat flour, would you? Recently a client brought in bread he makes from scratch. It's...

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