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Our StrengthTime Home

Posted on Jun. 4th 2018 - No Comments »

Walking into our Winnetka facility, you can’t help noticing the huge donation pile. What started as an opportunity to help our friends at La Casa Norte and their mission to end homelessness, has evolved into a donation palooza. Our incredibly generous...

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Strength Training Gets Personal

Posted on Nov. 6th 2017 - No Comments »

StrengthTime is a unique experience. It is a slow-movement weight training system where your highly trained instructor works just with you. In less than 30 minutes, you have an intense and carefully monitored weightlifting session. The slow-movement...

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Goals, StrengthTime and Halloween in Winnetka

Posted on Oct. 14th 2017 - No Comments »

[caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="302"] Let's make a plan for your health![/caption] Soon it will be dark at 4:30 and we will be praying for a dry Halloween.  We are quickly approaching year-end. Did you meet your goals for the...

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Hello StrengthTime, Goodbye 20 Pounds

Posted on Aug. 17th 2017 - No Comments »

As I began my 40s with kids, work, and a passion for tennis, I was proud of my active lifestyle. Having never competed in high school sports, I embraced the camaraderie of my tennis teammates and loved the healthy competition. I made many wonderful friends...

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Goal For It at Every Age!

Posted on Mar. 28th 2017 - No Comments »

This incredible picture is of Stephanie. She is a 66 year-young StrengthTime client and boy - can she water ski! Stephanie credits her workouts at StrengthTime with her ability to continue her love of skiing. She proudly explains...

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Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Trainer at StrengthTime

Posted on Mar. 12th 2017 - No Comments »

              A Few Reasons Why I Love This Powerful Program The Workout Of course I love this workout!  I can't imagine life without it!  It's fast and straightforward with no lollygagging...

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Karen’s Motivating Message

Posted on Feb. 21st 2017 - No Comments »

          Hi, I'm Karen, Owner/Trainer at StrengthTime. I've written my story about what I do so many times over the last 30 years, and each time I recognize how it further validates what I do and what we do...

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Personal Trainer Time

Posted on Feb. 7th 2017 - No Comments »

            I love hearing the proof of strength from my clients all of the time. Whether it's going uninjured training for a marathon, hiking further than past experiences, or impressing the doctor...

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StrengthTime Shares: By Fabrice

Posted on Jan. 25th 2017 - No Comments »

        I research my nutrition and exercise choices extremely thoroughly.  When a friend suggested that I meet Karen Heffernan and try StrengthTime, I read up on the science behind the approach and agreed to try it...

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StrengthTime’s Paleo Ron Loves Bread

Posted on Jan. 11th 2017 - No Comments »

                  January 11, 2017 StrengthTime's Paleo Ron Loves Bread If you could eat flour, would you? Recently a client brought in bread he makes from scratch. It's...

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