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04/06/18 2:51 PM

Walking into our Winnetka facility, you can’t help noticing the huge donation pile. What started as an opportunity to help our friends at La Casa Norte and their mission to end homelessness, has evolved into a donation palooza.

Our incredibly generous clients are helping La Casa Norte provide services to those in need. We have collected toys, suitcases and every type of clothing imaginable. Extra pick-ups are scheduled, and we are searching for a “more attractive” way to collect these essential items. (Please message us if you have any suggestions.)

The kind-hearted donations directly reflect the nature of our trainers and clients. When you are a part of StrengthTime, you are a member of our home. Week after week the camaraderie grows, and the family spirit becomes contagious.  Although your workout is unique, your fellow client is nearby working just as hard to accomplish his or her goals. This sense of collective effort and the resulting reward creates the positive atmosphere we all love. We feel uplifted and want to spread the happiness.

Contributing our belongings is an extension of the encouraging feeling we share at StrengthTime. The connection between generosity and the resulting happiness is powerful here. (You can read an interesting article on this topic in Time.) So please bear with us if we look a little messy with overflowing bags and bright yellow toy trucks piled high in the corner. Giving has taken on a special meaning here and we are excited to repurpose many wonderful items. La Casa Norte helps those in need, and we are proud to be part of the effort to help everyone have a safe home. Find out more at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/lacasanorte

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