Strength Training Gets Personal

06/11/17 7:58 PM

Be yourself and feel comfortable when you train the StrengthTime way.

StrengthTime is a unique experience. It is a slow-movement weight training system where your highly trained instructor works just with you. In less than 30 minutes, you have an intense and carefully monitored weightlifting session. The slow-movement aspect lets you focus on lifting weights on precise, medical grade equipment. (This is the same equipment often found in physical therapy offices.) We thought we would share Diane’s comments with you about her StrengthTime experience:

I’ve achieved outstanding results with my body’s shape, tone, and energy through Karen Heffernan’s StrengthTime.  It’s not the place for trendy music, mirrors, and the empty promise of an overnight transformation.  But if you want a real training experience in which the focus is on the “whole you” including nutrition, health, and an environment that drives a client to look and feel forever young, then StrengthTime is for you.

Every person that steps through our door is unique, with individual health and body issues. At StrengthTime you will not feel forced to keep up with a group doing push-ups, feel peer pressure about the amount of weight you are lifting, or feel judged about how many sit-ups you can do. Instead, you will have the full attention of your instructor who will guide you through the one-on-one methodical StrengthTime process. Our slow movement weight lifting enables you to focus on each aspect of your workout, eliminating momentum which often causes injury. You are exercising at your own pace, not worrying about what anyone else is thinking or doing. If you are looking for a new workout system to help you be your best, talk to us about StrengthTime. We are available to answer questions and provide you with a complimentary first-time workout session. Our Hubbard Woods location, in Winnetka, is next to Sawbridge Studios.

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