Hello StrengthTime, Goodbye 20 Pounds

17/08/17 2:50 PM

0061As I began my 40s with kids, work, and a passion for tennis, I was proud of my active lifestyle. Having never competed in high school sports, I embraced the camaraderie of my tennis teammates and loved the healthy competition. I made many wonderful friends and entertained my family with descriptions of my crazy matches. But after years of tennis, my body ached, and after each game, I was limping and sore. When 49 hit, I jumped into a “preservation” mentality.

Panicking at the thought of leaving my 40s, I decided I also needed to leave my glorious tennis career. Many easily play the game throughout their entire life, but for me, it just wasn’t healthy. As I iced my tennis elbow, my mind wondered how I was going to stop such intense activity and not gain weight. I decided I needed to purchase a scale. I held my weight in my middle, which is fairly easy to hide. Until I stepped on my new shiny blue scale, I hadn’t realized how much weight I had gained in my 40s.

Gaining just two pounds a year between the ages of 40 and 50 equals 20 pounds, and that is exactly what happened! Having never dieted before and suddenly checking out of the aerobic tennis world, I had a serious challenge to face. I wanted to start my 50s feeling good and looking good. Consulting my fitness conscious brother was my first step. I explained that I needed to lose at least 10 pounds. He provided great encouragement and suggested counting calories to understand the impact of my food choices. He also suggested that I weigh myself every day to stay focused and then record my daily weight in a simple app called Lose It! Finally, he explained the importance of weight training to me and how adding more muscle requires the body to burn more calories 24/7. He had managed to stay healthy and fit, so I declared him “The Expert” and began the plan.

So it went, and I am talking about the weight. With careful monitoring, I lost 10 pounds pretty fast. Slow movement weight training at StrengthTime replaced my tennis, and I thrived in this efficient workout. They use specialized equipment, which made me feel comfortable lifting weights with my trainer. I worked in some yoga and fast walks. Physically, I felt great. But was I at my best to enter 50? When I consulted again with my brother, he flippantly mentioned that when people think they need to lose 10 pounds, they probably really need to lose 20. And again, “The Expert” was right. I added another day of strength training to my schedule and decided to switch up my food plan and began eating Paleo. I could not eat wheat/bread, or refined sugar and needed to focus on eating protein, vegetables, and fruits. I completely stopped counting calories. After a few weeks, I felt better, had more energy and was on the way to losing the additional 10 pounds.

Now in my 50s, I don’t miss playing tennis, and I do love how I feel after my StrengthTime workout. (Although it is always a challenge!) I have maintained my new healthy weight, and continue to weigh myself often. By embracing my scale and leading an active lifestyle, I am having fun. Plus, my tennis elbow has disappeared, I no longer limp from the punishment of hard tennis courts, and I am stronger, leaner and toned. I still enjoy tennis, but now as a spectator. I love binge watching the pros, their strength and determination always inspire mine.


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