Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Trainer at StrengthTime

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A Few Reasons Why I Love This Powerful Program

  1. The Workout

Of course I love this workout!  I can’t imagine life without it!  It’s fast and straightforward with no lollygagging and I always feel better afterwards even when I already feel great going in!

  1. The Environment

I love the privacy of our gym.  It’s small, cool, no mirrors and no music.  It gives me a sense of privacy and safety that allows me to push even further.

  1. The People

I love connecting with my clients, working to achieve their goals, and helping them realize their potential. From the trainers to the clients, everyone is friendly. We’re all in it together, and together we can do anything!

  1. The Results

StrengthTime definitely gives people the confidence physically and emotionally to feel like they can try anything, no matter what it is. We have the strength to show for it, and the determination to try.  I always love hearing my clients tell me how they’ve tried something new and surprised themselves that they could do it and not even get injured or sore!

  1. The Equipment

It’s invaluable that we are able to accommodate any body size and shape and anyone with any type of physical limitation to create an effective, safe workout.  Our equipment is individually calibrated, which provides us the ability to change any setting to suit our client’s unique needs.

Being a Trainer at StrengthTime is rewarding for many reasons, the list definitely goes on!

Stay strong everyone!



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