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21/02/17 4:42 PM







Hi, I’m Karen, Owner/Trainer at StrengthTime. I’ve written my story about what I do so many times over the last 30 years, and each time I recognize how it further validates what I do and what we do as a team. I am now a stronger and more confident than ever wife, mom of my own 28 year old son, plus 3 stepsons ages 22, 15 and 9, and grandma of my 3+ year old granddaughter.  I run my full time business of StrengthTime, conduct over 100 workouts a week, bake my Paleo snacks, run my two big dogs…and I love doing it all!

I’m leaner, stronger, stand more erect and have more energy than I ever thought possible. My general sense of well-being and overall good health are attributable to my strength training and Paleo diet.

Life is good. Glad I’m here to talk about it. When I say “Train as if your life depends on it,” it really does! I love sharing my StrengthTime passion and have attached a few comments from one of my clients.

Strength time has changed my body shape and increased my self-confidence. I ran and exercised following popular trends since college but nothing has improved my strength, balance and shape like Strengthtime. My body is a classic pear shape with difficulty in finding dresses that fit. Stengthtime has changed that and I love my look. I am turning 60 this year and feel great. My co-workers are always surprised that I have 2 grandchildren. Eileen

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