StrengthTime’s Paleo Ron Loves Bread

11/01/17 1:54 PM

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January 11, 2017

StrengthTime’s Paleo Ron Loves Bread

If you could eat flour, would you? Recently a client brought in bread he makes from scratch. It’s low glycemic and gluten free, well of course I’m all over it as it’s like a life cheat code… he brought in a sample that was so amazingly good it was hard to believe we could indulge…. then he brought me the starter to try and make my own.

I just made my first loaf, it is seriously some of the best bread I’ve ever had. Over time the Almond flour just gets old with its dryness.

So the issue is the sour dough bread is made with white flour. Flour is bad if you follow the Paleo plan. The explanation of how this special bread is made is that the starter sits for a week, then the flours get mixed in and it sits for another week. While this is happening the enzymes or such, apparently break down the glutens and sugars, which produces low glycemic bread.

I’m not sure if it’s ever been tested, but it’s so good I want it to be true!

Paleo would not allow this bread as it’s made with white flour. I think if it truly is gluten free and low glycemic, I’ll eat a piece every day!

If you are looking for Paleo and gluten free bread, check out this recipe.

The comments and suggestions on the receipe website are also helpful. Enjoy!

Happy New Year,

Paleo Ron

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